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Bystander Library

Bystander Intervention Basics: Learn what bystander intervention means and how it works.
Four Ds of Bystander Intervention: Learn the four basic values underlying bystander intervention.
Equip yourself: Learn how to prepare yourself to be an active and intervening bystander.
Intervene safely: Learn how to intervene in a way that is safe for yourself and the victim.
Warning Signs to Look For: Learn how to identify when a situation requires bystander intervention.
Support an Adult Survivor: Learn how to be a good support and sound ally to a survivor.
Support a Child Survivor: Learn how to be a safe adult and to create safe spaces for child survivors.
Being an Online Bystander: Learn how you can intervene in online spaces to help survivors.
Reporting on Social Media: Learn how you can report abusive content on social media.
Understanding Street Harassment: A guide on what street harassment is.
Understanding Acid Attacks: A guide on what acid attacks are.
Understanding Breast Ironing: A guide on what breast ironing is.
Understanding Child Sexual Abuse: A guide on what child sexual abuse is.
Understanding Conflict-Related Sexual Violence: A guide on conflict-related sexual violence.
Understanding violence on the basis of sexual orientation: A guide on identity-based violence. 
Understanding Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence: A guide on what sexual assault &violence are.
Understanding Workplace Sexual Harassment: A guide on what workplace sexual harassment is.
Understanding Rape: A guide on what rape is.
Understanding Marital Rape: A guide on what marital rape is.
Understanding Honour Killings: A guide on what honour killings are.
Understanding FGM: A guide on what FGM is.
Understanding foeticide and infanticide: A guide on what foeticide and infanticide are.
Understanding Domestic Violence: A guide on what Domestic Violence is.
Terminology on Gender and Sexual Identity: A guide on key gender and sexual identity terms.
Terminology on Violence: A guide to understanding sexual, sexualized and gender-based violence.
Myths and Realities about Sexual Assault: A guide that dispels myths held about sexual assault.

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