Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Using the App

Saahas is a one-stop-spot for all kinds of assistance and support that a survivor of GBV may seek. The app comprises three parts. 

The GBV Help Map comprises verified public and private providers offering services to survivors among nine verticals, namely, Legal Facilities, Medical Facilities, Resources (Food, Shelter, Clothing), Education and Employment, Police Services, Ambulance Services, Consulates and Embassies, Refugee-specific GBV support, Child support. These resources are available in the form of a list under the Survivors Library. As a survivor, you can navigate the list to find help closest to you based on what you need. As a bystander, you can pull up resources to support a survivor based on what they need.  

Our Libraries offer comprehensive information on Gender-Based Violence, tips on how to handle gender-based violence when faced with it, and templates for safety plans. In addition, it also has a list-based directory of country-wise support for survivors. You may click on the country of your choice, and copy down / save screenshots of all the listings for future offline use, as well. We have a section for survivors on concepts of safety planning and how to respond to gender-based violence among other things, a section for bystanders on such things as how to intervene and prepare to intervene in a situation where GBV operates / occurs, a legal library which talks about basic rights and laws around the world among other similar aspects, a medical library which offers information on forensic medical evidence and seeking medical help.  

Your Diary is a space to make notes, to track incidents of abuse and any evidence you want to record. This section is behind a log-in wall so that you can save your notes with full privacy. No data you enter (including log in information) will be collected or used in any fashion.

Saahas was created as a mobile app with the help and support of World Pulse. Kirthi was selected as part of the first cohort of the Impact Leader Program, and received an award and mentorship support with which she built the mobile app. World Pulse was founded by Jensine Larsen. Based out of Portland, Oregon, World Pulse is a growing social network connecting over 53,000 people from 190 countries who are impacting more than 3.1 million lives and creating a world where all women thrive.

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The contents of this app are provided as an information guide only. They are intended to enhance public access to information about resources available to survivors of gender-based violence. While every effort is made in preparing material for publication, no responsibility is accepted by or on behalf of the Red Elephant Foundation for any errors, omissions or misleading statements on these pages or any site to which these pages are connected. Every effort is made to ensure the reliability of listed sites, but this cannot be taken as an endorsement of these sites. For documents and software available from this platform, The Red Elephant Foundation does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed.

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